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We dont have 39 diferent strains from Homegrown-fantaseeds in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

AC Diesel stock:Available
Afghani stock:Available
Amazing Haze stock:Available
Armageddon stock:Available
Australian Blue stock:Available
Big Bud stock:Available
Blue Haze stock:Available
Blue Pearl stock:Available
Californian Orange stock:Available
Caramella stock:Available
Cheese stock:Available
Early Girl stock:Available
Eclipse stock:Available
First Lady stock:Available
Flashback stock:Available
Fourway stock:Available
Genie of the Lamp stock:Available
Haze stock:Available
Homegrown Kush stock:Available
Homegrown Lowryder stock:Available
Homegrown Purple stock:Available
Homegrown Skunk #1 stock:Available
Jah Herer stock:Available
K2 stock:Available
Kamamist stock:Available
Masterkush stock:Available
Millenium stock:Available
Northern Light stock:Available
Original Misty stock:Available
Parvatie stock:Available
Shiva stock:Available
Shiva Afghani stock:Available
Skunk Red Hair stock:Available
SPR Haze stock:Available
Super Chrystal stock:Available
The Fantasy stock:Available
TOP44 stock:Available
Trainwreck stock:Available